The Meaning of Life – Aye Right!

Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life.


Wake up to find myself without any further assaults on my delicate skin by the Corfu Mossie. One side of my coupon is like the Elephant man as it was the only piece of me exposed on my first night. I was wrapped like a mummy in a white sheet, and depression, fear, and sheer hopelessness enveloped me like an outer and inner shroud. It was then, today, with a slight buzz of optimism that I head to the beach for my early morning meditation and swim. Well, when I say swim, I mean bobbing about with my feet in the air. In the discussions around meditation we are advised that acceptance and nothingness, doing nothing, are all part of how the mind obtains complete rest. It was during this time that I realised that mosquito’s must live also. They too are creatures of this earth and have every right…

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About micsirwin

I'm a Postgraduate student at Queens studying Criminology, writer, poet and lover of integrity, dignity, respect and morality
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