Ionian Church Bells and Lemon Groves

I don’t have that rage in me I used to don’t get me wrong I’m raging sometimes but it’s more to do with panic and fear rather than the fury I used to. I’ve just had my first two pints of cider in approximately eight years. I’m torn between guilt and fuzziness. I’m glad I only had two. Mind you I’m sitting here on My balcony overlooking whatever this bay is and lemon groves and I have an urge to jump in the shower and head down to the beach, get a bottle of wine, write about what poops into my head as the sun goes down and maybe get something to eat. You know what I think I’ll just do that as the local church bell chimes…


Aghhhh so I finally get to sit and watch the sun going down on this pond of sea. I think I’ll have to google it to see what it’s called. Wifi connection are few and far between. I thought it was early enough for it to be still not busy but it’s different times for different folks and after all it is a Saturday night. I lay on my bed for an hour feeling guilty and frighten as I’d after the Magners Cider. Now I’ve got very large glass of white wine with club soda and half a ton of ice. Oh and a very bursting bladder. How the hell did I ever manage in the past. I was so enjoying the tranquillity and as per usual some other persons idea of relaxation is to blast Greek music out of the speakers beside what once was my lovely quiet table.

As I was sitting in my apartment I thought of my cell and the neighbours pumping out music, how we all live in boxes. my mind as always is transported between then and now and how lucky I am to have experienced some of the more extreme environments society allows us which in turn enables me to snot get annoyed at people just being people.
I’m going to relax now and see how my adventure into having a few wines takes me. I know it will be short lived as I’m not really in the mindset to get busy with all the things that too much drink involves. For now I’ll soak up the vino, the music, the pond and the sun setting on Ionian Sea. I mean this really is Leeker.

About micsirwin

I'm a Postgraduate student at Queens studying Criminology, writer, poet and lover of integrity, dignity, respect and morality
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